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  1. she looks so cute, thanks for posting!!
  2. LimaHolic


    could someone please tell me the name of the stevie ray vaughan song on the new vs commercial? thanks!
  3. which editorial is that? from what magazine?
  4. could someone tell me from what magazine is the top 4 pictures from, and what is that name of the editorial? and are there any more pics from that editorial? thanks
  5. i like her! she has amazing skin & her body is fantastic and acutally, believe it or not she was on E! sexiest supermodel countdown:)
  6. thats such a cute pic! i have that same bag! lol
  7. LimaHolic


    does it say why she slapped him? lol. i dont really get why she slapped him
  8. LimaHolic


    i saw it! it was Adriana, Gisele & Karolina. Adriana was very cute with that fishing cover. lol.i hope someone captured it too!
  9. besides my favorite Adriana Lima, i think Kate Moss, Laetitia Casta & Christy Turlington have amazing faces!
  10. 1. Adriana Lima 2. Angelina Jolie 3. Kate Moss 4. Laetitia Casta 5. Ana Beatriz Barros 6. Oluchi Onweagba 7. Megan Ewing 8. Rihanna 9. Jessica Alba 10. Alessandra Ambrosio
  11. now, i'd actually have to go with Hilary. In early year, i would go with Lohan, but lately i am not liking her look or the way she acts really. Im finding, tho Hilary can be a lil annoying and seems a bit too perky sometimes, she seems very sweet, good role model, and tho i would've said Lohan years back(she used to look like a cute lil redhead porcelain doll), I'm gonna say Hilary also in the looks department too. I mean, at least she looks clean
  12. i say Ana has the ideal, classic, pretty face. i still prefer Adri, but i see what you are talking about, and i'll go with Ana:)
  13. she looks like a princess! princess Adriana!
  14. Adriana Lima...i saw her on a Victoria's Secret commercial a few years ago, ever since then i was hooked
  15. Yeah, they're all fakers. i actually thought this one could be her, but im still not sure, but shes on my friends list, so i like to play along sometimes tho...its fun to pretend you know? lol http://myspace.com/officialadrianalima
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