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  1. very lovely photos. thank for sharing those beautiful pictures of erin.
  2. No, I could see her be a vs model but not angel. she's not a vs angel material.
  3. I get the feeling that Rosie is going to wear it, since she's doing the movie transformer 3, and i am pretty sure vs want a lot of publicity, to gain publicity they would definitely give it to rosie. I want Erin Heatherton to wear it, she is my favorite model. and would love to see her wearing it.
  4. sexiest candice prettiest rosie cutiest miranda
  5. miranda voice annoying me, i found doutzen's voice so cute and soft, i like soft voice. like julie ordon and doutzen kroes they have soft voices.
  6. catalina catalina none of them
  7. 1. Petra Nemcova x3 2. Veronica Varekova x0.5 Hilary Rhoda x2.5 3. Hana Jirickova x3
  8. 1 Sabrina Jales x3 2 Carla Ossa x3 3 Milla Jovovich x3 4 Marija Vujovic x3 5 Megan Ewing x3 6 Joanna Krupa x3 7 Selita Ebanks x3 8 Flavia De Oliveira x3
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