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  1. For me her face is timeless! I love her look and that beauty spot!!!
  2. Sorry, wont do it again...

  3. Not typically full lips, but I just love her's!!!
  4. She is one of my favourite models ever, as for her eyes and those cheekbones........ Still love this from VS show last year!!
  5. She's very interesting and gorgeous, she reminds me of Kaya Scodelario, a UK actress...very very beautiful
  6. {name}

    Mónica Cruz

    Spot the difference? You can spot the difference, well I can.... or atleast I think (Penelope on the left?) Both two very stunning girls, can't quite chose who I think is better looking? I think Monica just look's like a younger version of Penelope! Both bloody gorgeous though
  7. Yeah it is definitely Melodie Dagault, would recognise that nose and brow line any where. Such a fantastic model.... Loved her show card
  8. Is this her? Such lovely eye's and eye brows
  9. Oh wow, she's lovely. Lovely shaped face and eyes! (Y) Was there no name featured? Would love to do some research and find out what other work she has done....
  10. *SIGH* still no surname or any other details?
  11. I haven't seen her before? is she really new? I done a search on her, is this her? Not sure if you have posted them somewhere? Video It's just after the pictures with the dress, a video for a milliner names Piers Atkinson, very interesting. Wasn't quite sure, there was a link to a blog so me being nosy I've looked (is that naughty?) Has anyone heard of masquerade magazine? Didn't quite know if this was here first but saw the pictures posted before about ^ on there... She has a very versatile look. I dont know if that's cheeky going on her blog but if the link was there, let me know if that is not allowed new on here and dont want to break any kind of rules...
  12. She's lovely, she's got real 'cat eyes'
  13. Their both as gorgeous as each other!! Two amazing girls
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