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  1. J@mes

    General Clothing

    I hope I am breaking no rules by mentioning this, but I just found some old catalog pics from Together and uploaded them to Flickr. It's the whole catalog, so a mixture of models, but Petra is one of them. More -- from other years -- to follow in coming days. https://www.flickr.com/photos/137168381@N07/albums/72157696687843192
  2. I just found these from an old Bloomingdales flyer, and thought they might be worth posting. Apologies if a repeat.
  3. Let's try one big post to finish. Somebody is going to come by and tell me I could have pasted all 261 pics at once: in which case I'll know next time. Best wishes, J@mes
  4. More from JDW. Personally, I find the spiders-web crochet top with leather trousers rather alluring.
  5. Still more from JDW. My, the robot army has been busy. Just think: twenty years ago, you'd have been lucky to get three of these pics on a floppy disk.
  6. And (paying my dues) here is the latest set from jdwilliams.com, all in the best available resolution.
  7. ... and up she pops at softsurroundings.com. More, perhaps, when my robots have completed their work.
  8. Thanks. I've no idea why my searches did not reveal that information.
  9. I apologize for coming here only to ask for help, but I am eager to know the name of the mature brunette who is a regular for the Joanna Hope line at the UK catalog site J D Williams. I know we are deep in milf territory here, but for me she has it. Here is a handful of randomly chosen images -- 1000's more on the site itself. Many thanks in advance, -- J@mes
  10. Hope this is right -- see the credits
  11. If someone could point me to the big classic boards in London, I will go and look myself. I tried Next (where classic and main boards are merged) and didn't come up with anything. -- J
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