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  1. For me Miranda is a very good model, and that's why Meisel and others now choose her. In this job you are typecast, but now she is breaking this point of view, and that is a good thing. Comparing to famous HF models, she is as good as they are. I love Vodianova too, and she is not better than Miranda is. It's just that she is more respected because since her career started, she only works with brand like Calvin Klein or Saint Laurent. If she had started with VS, people would told she is not versatile... I'm pretty sure it would be exactly the same story as for Miranda. I often think fashion as finally nothing complicated: it's just a photogenic girl, wearing beautiful clothes and accessories for brands, and posing for editorials. It's not about art, or something very difficult. A model needs to have a little something in her face, in her attitude, and Miranda as it. High fashion and commercial are finally about the same thing: SELLING to people products. For HF, it's expensive products, and for commercial brands, it's more cheap products. Ones are for rich (and I think that's why people pretend models who work for brands like Chanel are better), others for normal people. But it's all the same, no?
  2. People put VS girls together a lot. Some people (even fans) think that if Adriana and Miranda have a Vogue cover for Spain, then Alessandra will too. That is the way it goes for them. Steven Meisel has much control over who gets a Vogue Italia cover. Katie Grand would never get Alessandra on a VI cover because of that. Only Meisel girls get a Italian Vogue cover. I do not think Adriana will get one but I think she could get a Vogue Paris cover at some stage. But Alessandra? No. I love that editorial! I hope for more Meisel work from Miranda! :evil: I was ironical when I talked about the eventuality of Alessandra having a VI cover. I dislike very much the fact Katie Grand always find her all of her stuff, when girls like Miranda (and others) are working very hard to make a place in High Fashion work. And that's why I'm proud to see she'll probably be the one and only VS model to land this fabulous september cover. She deserves it.
  3. She is really pretty on the last pics. She has something very 1920's on them.
  4. VS girls are not a team outside of the brand in my opinion. There are independent models, and Miranda proves it very well these last months with all her editorials and campaigns for prestigious high fashion brand on her own. She has something very popular and at the same time very high fashion. And I truly don't believe Alessandra could have her own Vogue Italy cover, except if Katie Grant places her, as she always do for all her recent stuff. If this woman as no connection with people from VI, then Alessandra could never be on it.
  5. You know girls, there'll always be jealous for models who combine success in HF and commercial. I mean, it's a new phenomenon, since more than ten years, there are still no supermodels... and it's obvious Miranda could become the new one. And it doesn't suit to the one who think only unknown models can be good on modelling. But fashion seems to be near to (finally) change in a good way. I'm very happy for Miranda, because her career is on a roll.
  6. Miranda is radiant on the Vogue Italy cover, and her little doggie is absolutely lovely exactly as her mummy is. I'm so impatient to see the whole photoshoot.
  7. Sorry to tell that but Idylle de Guerlain face is a french actress, not Natalia.
  8. Thanks Ewciolina and Edernez I hope too there are some outtakes somewhere. I'm pretty sure they exist. But we have to find them now!
  9. Here are two amazing pics of Mirandan and the VS girls on their shot for Vogue. Hope it's not a repost. Source: TFS
  10. Here are the 3 pics of Vogue Russia with Natalia. There are so beautiful! I regret there is no more!
  11. You're right Edie: it's a very bad new. I was expecting something important... a big editorial for this new Vogue Russia, but once again, nothing. It sounds like magazine editors only use Natalia as an argument to sell their papers, but are not really interested by her as a fashion model. But she is such an incredible model! Hope next time, it would be different.
  12. Edernez, I'm curious about the "Forum" campaign too... why is this so long to find it?
  13. Soo many good news for Miranda these days. But as always, I want more! I'm so proud for her to be in different versions of Vogue. And totally agree with you Edernez: Miranda, Doutzen and Chanel are far away the best on the photo made by Lindbergh... they both look classy and beautiful on the same time. Dislike Alessandra as always. Hope we'll have the full editorials in big size quickly. And thanks so much to you Ewciolina for posting!
  14. Thanks to TFS here is the russian Vogue cover. I think it's beautiful.
  15. I remember you told us about it Edernez. You're our Nostradamus ! I'm sooo happy for Miranda. She totally deserves it (Y) . So she'll be on the covers of Vogue Italia and Vogue Spain . That sound amazing, fantastic... I can't tell how happy I am for her. And Edie, you know about her incredible jump on her ranking at model.com... : I'm pretty sure there is enough. Miranda don't talk a lot about her project, except her skin care, so she probably do (or did) some other stuff we don't know. Wait and see... but anyway, this new make my day :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: !
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