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  1. Best Song : -Owl City - Vanilla Twilight -Paramore - Ignorance -AFI - I Am Trying Very Hard to Be Here -AFI - Torch Song -Pink - Funhouse Best Album : -Paramore - Brand New Eyes -AFI - Crash Love -Do As Infinity - Eternal Flame -Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe -The Gazette - Dim
  2. -my facial hair and body hair, especially the facial hair. -my voice, I like the way it sounds to me but I know that's not what it sounds like to everyone else due to electronic devices recording and playing back my voice...damn electronic devices, I could have gone my whole life not knowing I hated my voice if it wasn't for them. -__- -the difficulty I have initiating things, a leftover portion of shyness and unsocialness from way back when I had little social interaction -my mortality -my body being designed to age...as long as I don't start balding at some point I can deal with it, though...if that does happen then I'm not sure how well I'll be able to deal with it. Though hopefully I won't have to worry about this for a while, anyway.
  3. Valentorg

    Ugly Shoes

    O_O I'm not sure if I find those awful or wonderful.
  4. Seems like most people would rather lose a boyfriend/lover...hm. For me, I can't really answer. My lover is my best friend, losing her would be losing my best friend. I don't really understand how people can be lovers without being best friends. I wouldn't want to be someone's lover, or want them to be my lover, unless they were my best friend. To each their own, I guess.
  5. Exactly, he's just not anything like the book made me expect, and I don't think he's anywhere near beautiful. I actually find him ugly. But I don't like Taylor much, either.
  6. Megan Fox Miley Cyrus Chuck Norris Jesus of Nazareth Robert Pattinson Angelina Jolie
  7. I see... I thought he made an awful Edward in the first movie. Granted I don't like Edward much to begin with, I still think he should have done a better job playing him. In the book he was described as this suave, charming, ancient vampire. But in the movie I saw none of that. He just seemed like an awkward teenager in the movie. Maybe that's just me, though?
  8. Valentorg

    Nail Polish

    I know, I used to be better at it but it's been a couple years since I've painted them regularly and I've gotten worse again...guess I just have to start over and re-learn it.
  9. Yummy Muddy Bears (chocolate-covered gummy bears)
  10. Never saw it. Revolutionary Road
  11. It still has Robert Pattinson, it can't be that much better...Is he a better actor in New Moon?
  12. lol That's basically what happened to me. I forced myself to think nothing but positive thoughts all night(because the demon fed off their negativity in the movie) and wouldn't turn my tv off when I went to bed. Part of me wants to watch it again but I just...can't.
  13. As far as I know he's only signed up to do 9 episodes in the new season. I read somewhere that he might come back to it if it continues, though. But I don't remember where exactly I read it so I'm not sure if it's true or not.
  14. Valentorg

    Nail Polish

    I haven't regularly painted my nails in so long...I kinda miss it. I love painting my nails purple, and I like painting half black and half white. I can hardly paint my nails with my left hand, though, which sometimes leads to me only having the nails on my left hand painted. What does being a guy have to do with it?
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