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  1. violet is so adorable! she looks exactly like her mother same jaw structure and those cute little dimples
  2. I would have been there close to get an upskirt view leggy girl! nice very short pleated skirts/leggy close up like how tiny dresses are here nice over knee long white socks too liked to have seen more leg boys in audience would have a good view up front (peeking up those tiny dresses)- i'll have a good peek myself too! show more leg and wear even shorter dresses. sexy teen girl in those socks too (+ nice ass) in that tiny yellow dress if she got close I would pretend to pick something up and have a good peek up - like those nice legs close up too and to see that ass (might have seen her panties) btw topless p/s - should have let the sheet fall and let us see her topless (tits) dude that's really, really disgusting. the reason why her vanity fair (nude) photoshoot was such a scandal was cause she was young at the time. she still is. and by the by she is underage...which makes your comments even more disgusting and immature
  3. thnks so much! she's absolutely beautiful!
  4. aw i think the picture with the little kid is adorable
  5. i've always thought orlando and miranda were an odd couple. they're both good looking...but not so together.
  6. omgsh i love you! haha exactly how i feel about her and all the other mother-effing disney stars. talentless little people that are rich as hell <_< i totally don't understand what is so great about her either. and fer reals though...her career is gonna go no where. shes like the other disney stars that were popular years ago. they're the hot shit for awhile then they drop out of the face of the earth.
  7. ^ i second that. the first few times were ok, but now you just should accept the fact that in twilight we saw the worst in taylor (looks-wise) but that doesn't mean he's hideous. i've seen some pretty ugly ass pictures of robert pattinson but i'm not writing all over his topic saying how ugly he is blah blah blah. we all have different tastes in guys. my sister thinks taylor's a cutie and thinks robert's ugly as hell. so lets all just be mature and leave it at that.
  8. hahaha yeah i think he's perfect for the part in twilight but that wig was just ridiculous on him...nothing near what i had pictured him looking like with long hair.
  9. ^ so do i she's absolutely stunning! that bubble-gum pink looks so great on her
  10. ugh...do not like her dress at all :x i think she's trying too hard to look 'grown-up' and all. she should just stick with something classy yet simple...something to go with her age..cause that dress really isn't working out
  11. yeah loved the dress and do agree that her hair could have been done better like in a classy up-do or even in big long curls or something...but at least her dress wasn't black like last year's. she was beautiful but the black dress and straight hair put together was really dull next year let's hope she wears something with more color and a nice hairdo too
  12. she looks so beautiful! love her gown!!
  13. ^ i know right? i'd so just give him a razor to go shave with
  14. i absolutely loved this movie, and the girl who played Latika is so beautiful!
  15. more like she's too hot for him haha. i hate the jonas brothers...
  16. wow, she looks so different! her hair does not look so fresh and hot
  17. haha she looks so tiny compared to everyone else
  18. ^ i agree when i saw that he was casted as carlisle, him as a blonde was pretty much what i had in mind
  19. i agree rob and taylor are both very good looking, but in different ways, of course. that's all
  20. same here. probably just a rumor. i figured that once twilight has been released that the cast would be attacked by paparazzi and tabloids, so i don't really believe things i hear nor read.
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