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  1. of course! i always choose rain over sun the rain feels so good on my hair and skin haha do you like taking baths?
  2. no have you ever felt extremely paranoid just randomly one day?
  3. ohh yehah...yours_forever, who's the model? like what's his name?
  4. haha thanks! glad you like it!! like's adam senn
  5. Whoah. Amazing. You guys are truly angels.... at the photoshop. haha thanks you're sweet fery haha photoshop angels photoshopping the VS angels haha
  6. glad you like it/love it!! ! and yuo are very welcome!! glad to help you out
  7. alrighty here's your set foxycleopatraa!! hope you like it
  8. huge strawberry shortcake COLDSTONES ice cream mmm insanely good!
  9. umm i think once have you ever played sudoku?
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