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  1. i am in love with those photos too, they're stunning!!!! thanks so much
  2. yayy finally in HQ thanks so much!!!
  3. glad you guys like it!! i love candice, she's so hot! haha, anyways thanks so much for the beautiful pictures everyone!
  4. it's been awhile since i've posted, haha but i loved candice's guess ads and i made a wallpaper hope you guys like!
  5. haha thanks for the pics! i love gaga, she's so eccentric and her music videos are crazy!! but i love them
  6. love those GQ pics, hqs soon hopefully! but loved her in forgetting sarah marshall and in that 70's show
  7. yay i love tina fey!!! such a talented woman. her golden globes award acceptance speech was the BEST!!
  8. she's so pretty! and her acting in the wrestler was really good, she's quite talented! cool tattoos too
  9. thanks for the wonderful pictures! i love her on ugly betty, so sad teh show's gonna end
  10. thanks so much for the wonderful pictures! i love ginnifer's look! the short hair really suits her. more pictures, more pictures !
  11. ahhh she's so beautiful!!! thanks so much for the new pics, i'm still obsessed wiht her, haha!
  12. i absolutely LOVE those australia 50th anniversary of vogue covers! so beautiful! thanks so much for the gorgeous pictures!!
  13. ^same here, she looks sexy, haha can't wait for HQs!!
  14. yeah a lot of gymnasts are really short, but she's so cute!!
  15. ^ beautiful!! thanks so much theron for soooo many lovely pictures !
  16. ^ yes that one, i think it's from the goden globes! thanks anyone else have more pictures from that event??
  17. i have a particular favor, haha there's this one event/awards show ziyi attended and she was wearing this gorgeous acid lime green gown, i believe it was by armani, not sure. does anyone know what i'm talking about? i was wondering if anyone had pictures from that particular event! please!
  18. for some reason zooey looks similar to katy perry, haha. but anyways zooey's like megan fox, she looks different in every picture still beuatiful though!
  19. she looks stunning!! i just wish she'd wear gowns with more color, haha black is her signature color
  20. i think this woman is absolutely beautiful! she has such a wonderful figure and i love her confidence in her body. she reminds me of dita von teese mixed with catherine zeta jones
  21. loving those pics,thanks so much!!!!
  22. thanks glad you guys like it!! and thanks theron, that pic is gorgeous! ahhh i'm so obsessed with ashley haha
  23. love her SI editorial spread, heres a wallpaper i made hope you guys like!
  24. i watch korean dramas, haha. i still love the old ones from years ago 'all in', 'i'm sorry i love you' and 'sassy girl-chun hyang' but the most recent one that i'm totally addicted to is a historical korean drama 'queen seon duk.' i love it! mainly cause one of the main guys is really hot, haha
  25. my favorite editorial in SI is their body paint/spray spread, so glad ashley's a part of it !!! thanks for the gorgeous pics!
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