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  1. ^ haha i just recently watched 'pineapple express' and i LOVED him in that movie! he was soooo hilarious!
  2. ^ haha. he was such a cute little boy in the first harry potter movie but now, if he's clean-shaven, he looks good ...as a matter of fact most guys look better clean-shaven...none of that facial-pubes on their face please!
  3. i was too! i knew that he'd get a nomination cause he was so amazing in the dark knight! and i hope he wins too, he so deserves it.
  4. nikki is beautiful too! i love her with the blond hair in twilight
  5. haha i know what you mean about the anti-diva. the whole cast actually in my opinion. they're all so beautiful and got their big break from twilight, but they seem very modest and humble, unlike other stars. like paris hilton and lindsay lohan...what have they done to deserve the 'spotlight' i really wanna watch adventureland now haha, looks fun.
  6. {name}

    I Am...

    ...feeling quite lazy today
  7. here you go hope you like it, if you use please credit!
  8. {name}

    I Am...

    ...exhausted from washing my dog
  9. here you go! hope you like it , if you use please credit!
  10. here you go hope you like it! if you use, please credit
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