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  1. Photoshoot from 1995 of Actress Lauralee Bell.
  2. Lyle134

    Teri Polo

    Teri Polo - Esquire Magazine 2004
  3. TV Guide Scan of Actress Lauralee Bell.
  4. Does anyone have a recent Rapidhare Video Download Link of. Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise with Carolyn Murphy?
  5. Thanks Sanja and everybody whose post Pictures/Videos of Carolyn Murphy. I remember in the Summer of 1996 there was a TV Show on the CBC called, "The Fashion File". It showed the Inside of the Fashion World with Interviews with Fashion Designers and Supermodels. It covered Top Fashion Shows in Toronto, New York, Paris and everywhere else. I remember a Ten Minute Interview with Carolyn Murphy. At the time Carolyn had a really Unique Look she was Beautiful, Hot and there was something good about her.
  6. Thanks Everyone whose been posting Pictures. Information on Carol Brandao I been seeing her on Crest Toothpaste Commercials. Carol looks Attractive, Beautiful, Hot and Sexy in those Commericals. Her Grace and Smile, Looks standout in a very Goodway.
  7. Thanks brazilianaffair for your Posts on Bellazon. I always look forward of seeing New Posts from You ")

  8. Lyle134

    Teri Polo

    Teri Polo - Ocean Drive Magazine November 2001.
  9. Lyle134

    Kim Delaney

    Kim Delaney - Fashion Advert from the 1980s.
  10. Jill Hennessy - Tv Guide November 24, 2001
  11. Jill Hennessy - Good Housekkeeping November 2005.
  12. Rachel Hunter - Newspaper Tabloid Scan
  13. Does anyone have HQ Scans of these Pictures of Jill Hennessy. From the Maxim Magazine Summer 1997 Issue?
  14. Lyle134

    Teri Polo

    Teri Polo - Fitness Magazine April 2003
  15. Lyle134

    Kim Delaney

    Kim Delaney - TV Guide Scans from May, 24, 1997.
  16. Lyle134

    Marion Cotillard

    Marion Cotillard - Paris Match May 2012.
  17. Duro Scan of Kristanna Loken. One of my Favourite Pictures of Kristanna.
  18. Screencap of Actress Meredith Baxter from a 1970s Tv Movie.
  19. Meredith Baxter - Noxema Ads from the 1980s.
  20. Jill Hennessy - Entertainment Weekly 10-05-2001.
  21. TV Guide Scan from December 09, 1995 featuring Pamela Anderson.
  22. Suzanne Somers Actress from Three's Company. (I will post a Biography of Suzanne later today?) Two Misc Scans of Suzanne Somers.
  23. Biography Magazine Scan of Jennifer Garmer. Unkown Scan of Jennifer Garner.
  24. Lauralee Bell - Soap Opera News - December 29, 1998.
  25. Lyle134

    Sophie Marceau

    Thanks to lisa-1, karol and wolverine7 and anyone else? For there Contributions of sharing there Sophie Marceau Scans. Back in 1995 when BraveHeart came out in Movie Theaters. I noticed the Sexy French Actress Sophie Marceau stood out. Sure Braveheart was a Good Movie it had Action/Drama/Suspense. Sophie Marceau captured my Full Attention.
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