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  1. Ya! seems like media is controlling the mins of youth.

    Blah blah anyways, won't bore you with lectures and knowledge, hehe.

    Hope you doing good btw. Visiting bellazon often?

  2. XiaoShen


    She looks stunning in Ny. Love the dress and the shoes. So sexy.
  3. about curvy? haha no sorry.

  4. U have any idea what the obsession about "curvy" is? :S

  5. He has an amazing show. very funny.
  6. wow thanks for the new photos. GG. He looks great. He also has written some of his own poems correct?
  7. He looks great in those AE ads.
  8. She is so gorgeous. And you can tell that it comes naturally to her. One of my fav models.
  9. Wow even though i would love to marry an Arab man, I really would not like to give up my religion, but hopefully some people have different opinions
  10. I love watching him in Japanese dramas. He was great in HYD.
  11. In Milan on fittings with Dolce & Gabbana
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