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  1. from which video is your avatar with edita made from?

  2. okey just having to much work to do for school

  3. Oh, I'm good. how are you?

  4. could you resize me two gifs? I oisted tme in your thread

  5. yeah it's my necklace now:)

  6. no, today I un-freezed a little. I can finally feel my toes!

  7. I don't like popsicles at all. I need someone to warm me up:)

  8. yeah I am. I think I will turn into popsicle;)

  9. oh hey:) yeah everything is ok. I'm just freezing my ass of cause it's so cold. How is everything with you?

  10. I send you another request in your thread

  11. i posted the video in your thread:)

  12. sure i will post the video in yout thread:)

  13. Oh nothing. Just busy with school;) How are you?

  14. Hey B;) I'm okey. How are you?

  15. I know that Russia celebrates Christmas at January 7th so Merry Christmas!