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  1. welll forr a girl .. Isabella or Rose.

  2. planning, we talked about it and we wanted to have this child. :D so, yay.

  3. hahaha myy cousinn.

  4. noo.. but my back hurts. lol.

  5. OMG XD my back is killing me! forgot to mention that oneee. soo im definitley feeling the symptoms.

  6. yuup. fatigue. mainly. also myy back! i forgot to mention thaat.. and yeah Erich is he father.

  7. Blahh.. yuuup(: fatigueee.

  8. Afternooon Lu-Lu(:

  9. awhh thank you so much ice! (: how are you?

  10. heyy hunn(: howw aree youu thiss lovelyy eveninng? :D

  11. hahaha a boyy(: lolll.

  12. yesterdayy annd thaank youu. (: imm exciiitedd.

  13. gooood & imm pregnantttt.

  14. Happpy Monnday hunn! howw aree yaa? :D

  15. hahahaa. ya se me fue el dolor de garganta. bien cansada.

  16. Lmaoo. 2 hours runninngg= MAJORRR ass painn :D loll.

  17. a si, bueno, yo estoy bien hoy. Me duele la garganta, pero bueno.

  18. Heyy chiiica(: howw wass youur motherss dayy? :D

  19. hahahaha(: welll thatss awesomeee. yeahh, annd thenn i havee to weighh myselff. Blahh. :)

  20. Baron! como vas hoy, en el dia de las madres? hahaha

  21. Longgg ass ridee, huhh? :( annd awwh. relaxx, youur muscless willl stop beinng so dammn soreee. myy muscless aree somewhaat soree for runninng forr 2 houurs todayy.

  22. Thaats niicee(: welll, imm nottt a momm yettt, buut sooonn. hahahha, withh my bf=p andd happyy motherss dayyto youur ladyy! (:<3

  23. Heyy hunn(: imm goood. currentlyy eatinng a shiit loadd of chocolatee & youu? :D

  24. :D howw aree youu todayy, babee?

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