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  1. hahaha si! claro que es bueno(:y el lunes me voy de vacaciones. =P

  2. Hola! Tanto tiempo que no hablamos! :) bueno, como estas?

  3. Kevin! Long time no talk? =p

  4. hahaha yeah(: lol. im extremely excited. :P

  5. No! It was planned! Lol, im very excited & thanks(:

  6. hey hun. just stopping by to say hi. :)

  7. im good..im pregnant, lol. so my back hurts me a lot. & well, im happy because my bf comes from the German Marins tommorow. buut overall good(: ahahaha. sorry havent stopped by, hun.

  8. hey hun! (: how are you?

  9. afternoon hun:) hows it going?

  10. Bonjour Lisa! im good, thankks hunn(: and youu?

  11. hahah yup. My kid is going to have one hell of a father(: hes taking me on vacation.. but its a suprise.

  12. hahah yeahh(: i have like a thousand pictures of my dad and him:D... hhaha and now we have a "night" ahead of us on tuesday!

  13. yeahh he did hahaha. my dad calls me everday. my dad is like "Hey Prigkipessa! Hows Erich, your man, doinng? Eh tell him i say hello! No?" Lmao. im like okay daddy. lmaoo.

  14. hahaha but my bf loves him. My dad is fucking hilarious. We used to dance opa. And my dad would always check that my bf didnt lower his hands to my ass. LMAO

  15. Lmao. He sounds like a cool dad! Lmao. My dad always used to embarass me and my bf. He was like one of those Greek daddies. Lol. He was like"Hands off my little girl!" HAHAHA

  16. hahaha your dad sounds fucking epic awesome! Lmao(:

  17. hahaha XD your dad sounds epic.

  18. hahaha nicee =)

  19. hahaha. i doubt he fits in them! Lol. my costume is a bra, and the coin skirt

  20. lol. thats the punishmentt:D i bellydance, BTW. lol i have 5 costumes. perhaps i should go to the base dressed in one of them? HAHAHA

  21. Lmao. epic win:D i definitley will lol.