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  1. Does anyone know the month of the magazine or know what the cover looks like?
  2. Thnaks for Rhona she is amazing.
  3. Thanks for the scan of Patricia Velasquez.
  4. Thanks for posting these.
  5. New site with great scans and more! Site by me. The one I first had was shut down because the host no longer exists. http://pvelasquez.flaunt.nu
  6. Great SI photos and excellent scan quality. Are you the original scanner?
  7. I bought it!! Now I'm just waiting to get it in the mail.
  8. Does anyone know what issues exactly Patricia was featured in Sport Illustrated? Besides the 1994 and 1995 issues.
  9. I bought the Flare and Marie Claire mags off ebay. Thanks for the covers.
  10. The last two are just thumbnails. Where can I find the bigger pics?
  11. /monthly_03_2012/post-35905-0-1445988340-92487_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2336137" alt="post-35905-0-1445988340-92487_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="81.25">
  12. Tonight's episode was amazing. I cant wait for next sunday. I hope they don't kill off Daryl. No I havent read the comics.
  13. DarkMagic18

    Zhang Ziyi

    Marie Claire 2012 Harper's Bazaar 2011
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