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  1. Holy moly!!!! These are just .... TOO MUCH!!!!
  2. Wow! Marvelous pics!!! She is the ultimate sexkitten!!! I think her bitchyness is kinda "endearing"! LOL! She doesn't take shit from no one anymore!! I like that attitude more than being the poor victim like for instance Marilyn Monroe was. She was just a sad figure... BB speaks her mind, and does not give a shite what people think of it! I can appriciate that. I would like to know what her so called racists views and remarks are exactly about though. From the early days:
  3. Here you go! warning nudity! http://home.frognet.net/~mcfadden/evu/Elle...mahyra_Boyd.htm
  4. I thought maybe its the b*ttcr*ck , but that doesn't seem to be the case either, seeing your other exhibits.... hmm..... I wonder what is the criteria... :lost:
  5. Only accent I can't STAND is what people talk in Holland, the Wassenaar area with that RRRR, AHRG!!!! Gives me killervibes!!!! :yuckky: :evil:
  6. She looks adorable! Thanks for these Jena392006!
  7. Wow, you did a great job!! And so fast!!!
  8. That shoot with Adriana with the football.... Man, that is so sexy its not even funny anymore!!!!! And what a rotten job that is, putting make up down there! LOL!!! And how great is Ellen von Unwerth!!! Man she is F-ing BRILLIANT!!!! I do think Ana is the more fascinating beauty of the two. Adriana is just very beautiful, but with Ana she has this brooding looks, she does amazing things with her eyes, that sadness, lazyness, sexyness..... Wow! There seems to be a lot going on behind those eyes. And even if not, than she does a heck of a job pretending! LOL! Adriana is just that happy pretty girl, but more shallow to me.
  9. Andie McDowell! Love her smile and her sexy southern accent!
  10. There is an interview with Doutzen in the new issue of Beaumonde, dutch mag, with Kate Hudson on the cover, its four pages. www.beaumonde.nl
  11. Looks like he is tweeking is man-nipples!
  12. Pffft! You barely see his knob!!! LOL!!!
  13. Wow defenitely very hot!!!! He reminds me a bit of a young Warren Beatty somehow.....
  14. Brigitte! She is fierce!! :evil:
  15. I sooooo had the hots for him when I was about ... uhm eleven or twelve? SERIOUSLY!!!!! Him and Bill Bixby (the Hulk)!!!
  16. Here he is with girlfriend (dutch model/actress Robine van der Meer) and two kids, 16 pages in this months editon of Dutch Glamour magazine, with Gwen Stefani on the cover. http://www.glamour.nl/index.php?id=1368&ma...&parent_id=1368
  17. Great pics! She has a very cute smile! Especially like the ones of the Elf premiere, nice tan, love the outfit. But isn't this Christina Aguilera? http://img203.echo.cx/img203/556/christina...egate1305zu.jpg
  18. None of the above!!! I like: # Helena Christensen # Nadja Auermann # Shiraz Tal # Amber Valetta # Carolyn Murphy # Frederique van der Wal ... from the top of my head! Edit: from this list I vote for Cindy!
  19. what a bunch of morons!!!! :yuckky: its their loss!!!!!
  20. Never saw that middle one either. Its gorgeous!
  21. When I was young, I could not get enough of catalogues like Wehkamp and Termeulen Post!!!
  22. Black mommah!!!! Love the black hair! http://www.justjared.com/gossip/2006/06/br...harpers-bazaar/
  23. Not that crazy about her, but she sure is HOT, must admit that!
  24. Good lord people... she just gave birth!!! LOL! I don't see her as wild anymore, she turned in to mother Theresa, its a bit dull actually. But good for her I guess. At first I thought this thread was about Jenny Shimizu!!
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