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  1. wow! are they crazy? honestly I don't find robert attractive at all and definitely not even in the same league as jon! and of course i remember!! :brows: LOL
  2. ^ he'll get there I think he's doing really well with his facial expressions though!
  3. loveorhateorlove thank you! wow!!!!
  4. ^ francisco is so much more attractive that robert pattinson in my opinion! and I wish I could have been there... I was here in brazil <_< I'd be his boy bella
  5. neither it was last halloween in new york he was edward cullen
  6. well he IS a friend, but he's definitely done styling for dsquared I hardly recognized anyone from that show until after i knew simon and cole for sure because of their walks but everyone else was a blur!
  7. ^ mmmmm I loved that show I love how they give him like a 12 pack thanks riv! and the guy with vampire fangs is a stylist
  8. ^ I agree there needed to be more of marlon. he needs to land a campaign where's it's just him being gorgeous. is that so hard LOL
  9. ^ heck yeah, i'm sure you look great and I went to the link and it worked diana so thank you. I haven't watched that before!
  10. ^ that first picture in the last post reminds me of cole mohr I love Douglas!
  11. ^awh diana it says the video is no longer available??
  12. thanks so much everyone! and riv do you mean like a redhead's orange or like fire orange? because i tried to go blonde once and I got fire orange and so i just bleached it like a dumby! but I hear you can put a demi-permanent color over orange hair to tone it down a little but there isn't anything wrong with fiery orange hair and I bet you look gorgeous with any hair color
  13. ahhh! that's amazing zid! that totally made my day!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one copying Francisco poses!!!
  14. ^ awhhh thank you riv!!!! i'm sure your hair looks great!!
  15. haven't seen this one yet. marlon in the background
  16. OH BTW his last name is spelled Vaughan
  17. AH his thread needs reviving! I love Grayson! Band of Outsider F/W 10.11 New York
  18. loved the metal magazine ed thanks for the pics!!
  19. ^ the hand signal he holds up in that video is a signal that some of us *cough* boys who like boys *cough* hold up in my neighborhood :brows: (not saying marlon likes boys, but i can dream )
  20. ^ okay so there is a big asian population here in brazil and i wouldn't be surprised if there is asian somewhere in his family tree... but lachowski is NOT a portuguese name. like you guys said, it's a polish name so i also wouldn't be surprised if there is only a little bit of portuguese in him... I am told I look white but I have a full portuguese name but one side of my family is european. we are a melting pot for sure edit: oh btw I got my hair cut today like francisco's... i can't decide if i like it or not. i totally took a picture like francisco too i'm a copycat
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