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  1. wow! are they crazy? honestly I don't find robert attractive at all and definitely not even in the same league as jon! and of course i remember!! :brows: LOL
  2. ^ he'll get there I think he's doing really well with his facial expressions though!
  3. loveorhateorlove thank you! wow!!!!
  4. ^ francisco is so much more attractive that robert pattinson in my opinion! and I wish I could have been there... I was here in brazil <_< I'd be his boy bella
  5. neither it was last halloween in new york he was edward cullen
  6. well he IS a friend, but he's definitely done styling for dsquared I hardly recognized anyone from that show until after i knew simon and cole for sure because of their walks but everyone else was a blur!
  7. ^ mmmmm I loved that show I love how they give him like a 12 pack thanks riv! and the guy with vampire fangs is a stylist
  8. ^ I agree there needed to be more of marlon. he needs to land a campaign where's it's just him being gorgeous. is that so hard LOL
  9. ^ heck yeah, i'm sure you look great and I went to the link and it worked diana so thank you. I haven't watched that before!
  10. ^ that first picture in the last post reminds me of cole mohr I love Douglas!
  11. ^awh diana it says the video is no longer available??
  12. thanks so much everyone! and riv do you mean like a redhead's orange or like fire orange? because i tried to go blonde once and I got fire orange and so i just bleached it like a dumby! but I hear you can put a demi-permanent color over orange hair to tone it down a little but there isn't anything wrong with fiery orange hair and I bet you look gorgeous with any hair color
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