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  1. thanks for the bday wishes my sweet and sexy kiki. wouldve been better if a certain french vixen was here.

  2. I have given you a 5 star rating. So not all is bad. I still love yah ;D

    1. Sweet Lu

      Sweet Lu

      I'm glad someone does. :*

  3. How is the situation with your friend now?

    1. Sweet Lu

      Sweet Lu

      That's nothing compared to the mess at home right now. The D word is a reality that is happening.

  4. thanks for the bday wishes my sweet and sexy kiki. wouldve been better if a certain french vixen was here.

  5. Happy birthday =) and stop being so agressif towards the forum/the mods? please? )= I am sorry for Terri because despit of what been said about her, I know she is a good person.

    1. frenchkiki


      And u are a good person too!

  6. wow, this place looks like the wau it is run now: like crap.

  7. sorry sweetlu :(

  8. That's bz for you, where the shit rises and the nice gets flushed away.

  9. I had no idea this site had so many mean and hateful people, how pathetic. It's a forum for goodness sake!!! I'm so sad to see LMS banned :(

  10. Thread Edited Again: Just because your upset doesn't mean you have the right to take it out on others. LMS was clearly in the wrong for some of her actions, and we had proper evidence for her ban. Again if you have a problem please do not post it here, take up with the staff in PM. Thank you. ~ Pretty
  11. What ? So just because some people do not like her, it's a reason to be getting banned ? This is so wrong. Really hope the staff will change their mind.

  12. Because she was too nice and contributed too much. Some people didn't like that so they banned her. The trained monkeys that run this place have no spine and just go along with "the cool kids"

  13. WTF. LMS is banned ? What is going on ?? Her own thread has disappeared too.

  14. Thread cleaned: Bashing staff and attempting to start problems isn't ok. If you have an issue with the staff please take it up with us via PM ~ Pretty
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