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    I love boxing, street (real) fighting, kick boxing, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and other sports.
  1. is online so what? I opened one Christmas gift already...I have a new 500 gb hardrive to go. It's so small and compact. I love it. Thanks!
  2. so sweet of you mi lady...kisses on your shoulders win...ducks
  3. it is raining outside...maybe you should put your hood on honeylove well, in New England the weather is changing you do turn me on whenever you have your red MONOLO BLAHNIK
  4. saint ludwig

    I Am...

    loving everything about this girl...Hills is so much fun
  5. someone has a good heart why do I feel like I have copycats online? You do NOT want to be me really...MOVE on! -.-
  6. I'm starting to believe that I have copycats...WHY? and :shock: win...ducks
  7. This guy is the most hideous guy on earth I'm sure you will DISAGREE find me a model that whisper's I LOVE YOU to any camera
  8. saint ludwig

    I Am...

    moving on...You are who you are and you deserve to be happy I like everything about REALITY...this 21 century dating game online is a bit much for me HAPPY HOLIDAYS
  9. The way MANHATTAN lied to me...sad really and it went straight to the center of my heart JE TAIME MON AMOUR I AM DIFFERENT NOW BECAUSE OF YOU (Y)
  10. tell your Online Mother she is a RIOT and such a lovely lovely VIXEN (Y) win...ducks
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