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  1. Love his look at Burberry! I think he's a favorite of Christopher Bailey. His cheekbones are very strong. Also love his ruggish look at Frankie Morello.
  2. Is he part of the actual campaign of Calvin Klein collection for S/S 2010?
  3. ^AGREED! But yeah, he looks bit like Sean O. But Sean O's much cuter and hotter.
  4. I already added him on facebook about a week ago. But he hasn't accepted my request yet. Oh Fran, please accept my request.
  5. ^Thanks for these wools! Are you friends with him on Facebook?
  6. If he was born on 1990, damn, he's older than me in months 'cause I was born on the month of December. But Jesus Christ, he was born on the 13th as I was born on the same date too! YAY! ;) But wait, so it is confirmed? His birth date is May 13, 1990?
  7. ^And as my little sister. But he doesn't look lke he's 17 'cause he's all buffed up! Which makes him look so sexy and hot though.
  8. ^ Me too! But he isn't of the legal age yet. How sad. Kidding.
  9. Oh don't get me wrong. I just thought about it, that Fran doesn't fit yet with the Gucci aesthetic. I don't know why. But if ever he will front a campaign, I'll so look forward to it. I just think faces like Mat Gordon and Taylor Fuchs would suit the Gucci style perfectly. Maybe because of the features of their faces? I don't know. But I agree with zid that Fran should be the face of Givenchy. I think he suits the brand well. Imagine if he was cast in the brand's S/S 2010 campaign (which is already out) and he shares it with Simon Nessman? Oh god, pure heaven.
  10. No offense but I don't see Fran as a Gucci boy. I mean, I don't think he suits with the brand YET. Maybe in some other time. Just my opinion.
  11. That "Francisco" ed. is just way too HOT! Love each shot especially the shirltess ones. Sigh, marry me Fran! Thanks riviera for posting!
  12. Wow, from what country is that magazine from? Because we have the same term here in our country (but it is spelled as "Gwapo") which means good looking/handsome. Well, Fran is definitely guapo!!! Thanks Pix for posting the cover!
  13. Gosh, he looks like David Archuleta.
  14. vaihlen, you are my savior for this day! I was so exhausted due to my internship. But after seeing those SEXY-AS-HELL pictures of Francisco, God! I feel like recharged! Those pictures are just fantastic!!! And look at his smile, so ****ing ADORABLE!!! Feel like fainting. Thanks vaihlen!
  15. :woot: Loving all the pics!!! You guys had already made my day! Thanks for posting! Francisco is just smoking hot!!!
  16. ^These has made my day! He looks so gorgeous!!!
  17. ^Super love these pics!!! Especially the backstage pics at Gucci! Just wanna ask, who's the other male model?
  18. Hopefully, these amazing and super hot photos of Arthur will transcend into my dreams when I sleep later. He's super hot!
  19. ^****ING GORGEOUS!!! love each shot! can't wait for "LOOK". thanks for posting!
  20. ^agreed. what does "21+1" mean?
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