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  1. Ha pretty good, keeping me very busy ha and because that my bday..december 2nd is my anniversary with my gf ha

  2. Been so busy with my new job haha thats about it ha

    you joined december 18th?

  3. I'm alright ha, whats new hun?

  4. Good but a lil annoyed by someone whose on this site mm are you?

  5. ok thats cool peace out

  6. uh ok. The 2nd time around I copied my sig size from 'EliSuperSaiyanv12' , I dont understand why you dont erase his, but you erase mine?

  7. thanks for taking off my sig

  8. ha thanks and ya im aware im one of her followers ;)

  9. EHFAR

    Thank you ;) ha yourthe only one /:

  10. Thank you (: they're beautiful pics

  11. you come to my page and not say hi? a lil rude no? ;)

  12. EW MEGAN FOX...:) sorry i just want you to get steamed up again (;

  13. damn whose that sex face on your avatar??

  14. of course aha, and I'm curious as if you are too?!

  15. ha thanks ha wheres yours? mm

  16. wasup with coming on my page and not saying hi? (:

  17. Damn your hot

  18. Interesting, I'm far from you ha

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