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  1. I know it´s not easy to post and :drool: :drool: :drool: at the same time that's right...
  2. definitely more than Milan he said he was BACK to the business. Let's belive him
  3. munichmarty, thanks for posting rest of pics i had problem with it .
  4. hope they are not somewhere there By Camilla Akrans for Numero Homme
  5. i think they are real priests ^^ i have heard about that calendar ...
  6. what? xD no, rather son of Marcus Hedbradh and Jon Kortarajena
  7. heh, thanks for the birthday wishes :D

  8. ooops, now i see they've been posted before. sorry then.
  9. by Benedikt Renc from designscene
  10. yep, i saw it of course we can see ryan's wide smile xD
  11. he looks so sweet when he's sleeping...
  12. except that, he's got this amazing noble face. i love it!
  13. more Jon Kartajarena for Tom Ford^^
  14. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
  15. ooold one but i think they haven't been posted yet btw the first one (where ryan is in the middle) was a pic that made me fall in love with him
  16. you're welcome i think exactly the same btw he's got polish surname
  17. first one is awesome. i love half shady pics. ^^
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