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  1. OMG! i thought this is robbie wadge! :shock:
  2. i can see only 2 but the pics are really great
  3. OMG! this tan! how could they ! but i love him wearing glasses
  4. nice he's very similar to robbie wadge.
  5. not the best one but whatever!!
  6. i hope so. but i belive in you too, damien...^^ make me smile again
  7. i'm a little bit upset because of school... i guess i need more ryan! thebelgianhare, where are you? i gotta feeling that you can help me...;p
  8. i dreamed about Mathias last night. he was teaching me Maths!! it's so cool to have a teacher like him
  9. yes, he does. but not a lot. his jaw is just a little wider
  10. yay! i wanna scream! :D love the second one <his gaze...>
  11. I love this pic SummerBoy24 !! xD
  12. i love his hair! and eyes of course! xD
  13. yep, in the first picture he's doing ryan's pose
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