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  1. megy

    Hey, what's up? How are you doing these days? ūüôā

  2. megy

    <3 hi there

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    2. Lyon


      Btw, guess what? I just went to Slovakia 2 weeks ago :D

    3. megy


      I don't know, busy at school and stuff. :sad: But it was worth it - I've finished my master's degree just a week ago! :excited:No way you were in Slovakia! How is it possible, a trip perhaps? Where exactly you were - in our capital Bratislava? Do you like Slovakia? We aren't Norway or Denmark or USA, but it's not really a middle aged country, is it? :D I'm excited for you. 

    4. Lyon


      So happy to hear that. Congrats on your graduation. 

      If you could talk to me earlier I would definitely meet up with you in SK.

      Actually I was traveling to Hubgary and Romania for 2 weeks. During the 6 days in Hungary. I found a bit bored and thought why wouldn't I give a quick trip to Slovakia? Then I bought a train ticket and carried my backpack and went to Bratislava. 

      To be honest, I didn't expect SK is as mordern as Western or Northern European countries. It is far well-developed than HU and RO. The streets are clean, buildings are well constructed (unlike Hungary). Food and stuffs are a bit pricy but still acceptable.

      I only spent a half day in Bratislava because the city centre is small enough to walk around in one day. 

      I don't know much about this country. If you have any suggestions about traveling in SK. I would visit again on my next Balkan trip :smile:

  3. megy


    1. Lyon


      Heeeeey! I missed u so much! Where ya been? My pc is down now and sorry for the late response! Hope you're doing well!

  4. megy

    actually I changed my mind and now Im studying "design of medias" .. its fun.

    :-* I would like to know smthng more about you, youre such a mystery to me. ^^ Are you girl, or boy? I want it to know soooo bad

  5. megy

    Heeeeeeey I'm so sorry for my.. absence here. I was here from time to time, but I've always said myself that I'll write you in few minutes.. I didn't. :D

    What's new?

  6. megy

    Hey hun <3

  7. megy

    After summer University ... :) Now I have a lot of free time, I just deposed in my summer job.

  8. megy

    Thank you very much... ‚ô• Im really tired too, I have to work much now too.. just like you...

  9. megy

    I am fine.. little busy these days.. what abou you?

  10. Nj.. a myslim ze nie je problem len v rozumeni sa vo Fashion Worlde, ale uz vobec v zaujme on. :D Pritom to je hobby ako kazde ine.. a dla mna aj zaujimavejsie a lepsie nez niektore ostatne. :)

  11. Ja cumim vacsinou len na par oblubenych.. velmi neprispievam. Vacsinou to je Hugo Sauzay, Ash Stymest, Lily Cole, Jessica Stam, Lily Donaldson.. a na teba som narazil u Janice Dickinson. Neviem preco, mal som nutkanie na teba kliknut. :D

  12. Nemam ponatia.. :D Ale nie som tu dlho, tak tri roky asi iba. Ty si viac! Pchh.. :) poriadny cas.. :D Ale mam dojem, ze som hladal prave vtedy nejaku modelku ci modela, a prislo mi pod ruku toto forum.. Alebo ze by mi ho poradil nejaky moj zahranicny netovy friend? Uz fakt neviem. :) Ale tu som nasiel par dalsich..

  13. Yay! :)) 5 for you.. Slov

  14. megy

    How are you honey? :))

  15. megy

    Oh! :D my comment is lost. I was just wondering what about you and your lover.. and how's it all going?

  16. When will Born This Way video come out, I'll BEG u for gif. Promise luvie xx

  17. megy

    And he's not? :D He'll be soon for sure.

  18. megy

    haha, you are bit cruel, aren't you? I have big sis too, I love her so much.. :)

  19. Thanks luvie I have 5 NOW! Thanks! 5 to you... and how are you today?

  20. megy

    I'm not that mature anymore, babe. :-(

  21. megy

    21 is not so much! :D

  22. megy

    Mature? Sounds great, hope I really am.. :D But a lot of people told me this.. Time had come. :D

  23. We're friends sweetheart xx

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