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  1. in between yes and no are you sweet in person?
  2. no are you afraid of scorpions?
  3. no have you ever shower with a hot model?
  4. yes do you do pillow fights?
  5. i agree with you to some extent...some organization are just there to civilize the environment and then disappear when there are no more funds. but building hospitals, houses, schools, and etc. are always good for the community. even if the volunteer doctors, teachers, nurses or other volunteers are not around. personally, i believe that the purpose is to educate and help other people that are in need. therefore, i think it is the responsibility of the healthy people to learn and educate themselves and continue to help others. as for the medicine, that's the biggest part of everything. we rely on chemical medicine too much yet we have forgotten that the best medicines are surrounding us and most of it are in the jungle (plants and stuff). the best DOCTOR in the world told me once that the mission will continue...because me and my friends will grow up someday and said "put your gloves on it's time for your BOXING lesson". Find the right organization. the small ones are always hard to find but it is around. cheers!
  6. yes, or probably NOT are you in interested on chilling out with someone u barely know but u kind of like?
  7. no are you watching something?
  8. a bit and u sweetheart do you have to go to school tomorrow?
  9. aww, sweetheart you are CUTE. I like your words sometimes. Do you think i'm mean cuteness?
  10. No, i've never given anyone a massage. are you in need of massages?
  11. around here and there upper or lower
  12. Nothing has change then Are you in Manhattan?
  13. no, i'm listening to your voice are you always here in BZ?
  14. anything you want cuteness How's NYC now a days?
  15. yes, too relaxed Are you sleepy?
  16. you are cute^ are you trying to tell me something?
  17. yes have you ever try to drink water when no one wants u to drink in the same bubbler?
  18. nice^ can u save a few hectares for me and where else?
  19. yes and California because of work and you?
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