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  1. yes have you ever tried to drive a Gondola?
  2. hmmm, maybe i should call Steph, Alicia, Heather, Justine, Melissa, Dana, or this new girl KARLA...she is fineeeeeee
  3. hahaha^ I love running so much, biking, golf, surfing, flying, and SEXERCISE :evil: :evil:
  4. geez, i lost 20 lbs already...damn el guapo is back
  5. (BLAH, BLAH, BLAH) <<hahaha...someone is jeally Europa always makes me feel better...the shopping stores...the food...the women...the cappuccino
  6. marlone

    I Am...

    listening to LUDOVICO
  7. lol^ maybe half and half are you trying to be cute?
  8. yes - i was bored to death have you seen plays instead of musical?
  9. lol ^ don't play games with me chica always Are you?
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