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  1. ^That really is rather fantastic! Thank you, silken... Yeah, I can't get vimeo to embed anymore either. Used to be able to. Maybe one of the magic pixies here will oblige? will do my best to get it for us guys, thanks everytone embed a vimeo video on BZ? when was that possible? you guys should get a vimeo account to be able to dl vids from there (and because vimeo vids are generally better and more "serious" than YT) just like andre (thx btw) did. ....if you're to lazy to open a new tab...:
  2. happy belated (sorry) b-day B!

  3. you don't need to be sad...i have a red scarf too
  4. http://justfreepics.org/tag.php?id=Candice...el&s=Runway ^ i know that the pics on there are here somewhere too but for those who are going through that process of saving every pic of her ever created ( ) it's a more time saving alternative. (and daaamn ...always loved Candice as a brunette )
  5. that asian guy on the left in your gif looks like he's jerking off...

    hi btw

  6. so ppl who search 4 stuff can find ur stuff

  7. JUDE!

    you have to tag your reblogs....

  8. when i'm visiting BC one day (which i'm planning to do soon) i'll give you a visit AND a beer...pinky promise!

  9. just checked the prices for sending stuff to canada... it's not really worth it bro.

    it's like 35 bucks...

  10. srsly? Why would you want to drink german beer....(ohhh ok nvm.)?

    I would if i could but id have to check with customs (german and can"eh"dian) first

  11. i love that movie! (f Mr.F)

  12. fyeah, thanks lol.

    my rating for you didnt change anything -_-

  13. a newspaper for using one of my photographs without my permission and without giving credit to me. :D (could make a few bucks of it if im lucky)

  14. guess what i'm going to sue.

  15. ^hmm ... noisy. what camera are you using? everything on here is my work: http://anotherphotographer.tumblr.com/
  16. really cant imagine how that'd sound like o.0

  17. do you know spongebob squarepants?

  18. oh...and if you go to my real tumblr you'll see that there are a lot of LEICA fans out there 0.o (16 NOTES!!!!!)

  19. 1) fyeah!

    2) and 3) it was an experiment based on some how-to's.

    first of all it's VERY important to tag your posts correctly,also the quality of the posted stuff is important and at last ...hawt women.


    ^that was my experimental site.

  20. btw...i'll send you a pic of the couch later this week,but don't laugh...it's ...red.

    and besides ranking #1 on Maxim's hot 100... olivia and i share the same ...chest measurements! (that's a lie).

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