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  1. wow.. so nice... but I wouldn't do that, she's got guts sorry, but i guess it's painted. she doesn't have this tattoo in some pics of the same shooting ...
  2. Nice set of pics!!! Thank you!
  3. lucas1404

    Eva Mendes

    I don't know but who cares?
  4. Nice scans, thanx a lot!!!
  5. she's due march 21, so 9 *** CK Jeans SS2006 (dont know who scanned these) Awesome, thank you very much!!!
  6. Yeah, I was shocked at first!!!
  7. That's the thing i was talking about, but it is not only her ass they are photoshopping ... and of course, the two pics I posted are way to much photoshopped! They're a good example for what they do to make a body like theway people wanna see it ... Check out her waistline ...
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