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  1. Passed down the generations for many years...
  2. Righty.... My Bro broke his arm when he was at school and had it in plaster for 6 weeks or so. He learned to write with his left hand and became a pretty good darts player too.... It's because Rightys are just so much better and faster learners and in top group at school and have bigger cocks and can drink more beer and get prettier girls and have faster cars and can kick leftys asses !!!!
  3. Has a thing against members with long usernames.
  4. Just did! Thanks for the link! You are welcome
  5. I know this has been posted before but it's cool how there are a lot of HQ pics of her online. I love this pic.. I'd love to pull that Wedgy out for her !!
  6. I can't wait to get it... payday today and I've got some time tonight to nip and pickup a copy. I loved stripped I thaught it was brilliant, especially track 3 "Walk away" ... in my opinion the best song she's ever made. I hope I find her new album as good !!
  7. That's experience talking... I bet your skinny and have 1 nostril.
  8. I talked to FedEx in Greece today, the lady I spoke to was Awsome... she sounded very inteligent... she was translating someone's greek to English and very very good English !! I oficially love English Greek accents
  9. Hi have you added yourself to the Bellazon Map ? http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=4944
  10. Has been banished from Neverland
  11. 27 and still don't drive... apart from women wild !!
  12. Australia for me... and NYC one day. Never been anywhere in my life. I don't even have a passport at 27 yrs old... Please give me your simpathys people !!! Have an application at home, my best friends are getting married in the carribean so I will be there for that. Not for another 2 years though !
  13. {name}

    I Am...

    Wondering what Guarana is
  14. 7 it's really not the best pic of Isabelli.... Thanks to Ben for fixing my AVI
  15. Is right about the scary Sig, Is Turkish and lives in London !!
  16. {name}

    I Am...

    Typing post number 9275 on Bellazon "I am" Thread
  17. It would look better on my Bedroom floor
  18. I have spent a couple of hours on it... and I can't seem to find any larger copies of those Rosa Cha pics... Shame... the one where she's lying down on her back is amazing... or would be if it were bigger!!
  19. Told you I can't do anything at work... limited software. I thought I did an OK job it looks alright to me.... Pm you anyway, see how much better you can make it.... And 8
  20. Has a sig that's too dark and I can't see who it is !!
  21. 9 for carmen... only colour would get you a 10. I just changed mine !! Yay for Gemma!!
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