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  1. Hi all, Can someone make me a Personal Photo I can use without editing (not sure of the size requirements on personal pics)... I am using this at the moment but as you can see... there is no pic showing... If it's me being think then I apologise in advance, I'm pretty new to forums as you can see by my stats. Thanks in advance
  2. Can't beleive you are still up !! ... I am at work and its 2:44pm persuazn, My australian colleague here wants to know where in Oz are you from ?
  3. I deffinately agree, she's beautiful when she wakes up to when she go's to sleep and all the time in between..... The kind of woman that I wouldn't be able to talk to because I would just be too happy
  4. http://www.gemma-ward.com/gallery/displayi...?album=29&pos=9 http://www.gemma-ward.com/gallery/displayi...album=29&pos=10 Have you seen these on the Ossie Doll site, it's some of the only swimwear I've ever seen her in.... I think she looks fine in swimwear (others will dissagree no doubt). I can't find these pictures anywhere else, it says they were taken at Perth Film festival... does anyone have any better pics from this show ?
  5. Gemma showing her long neck off...!!
  6. Hay All, new to BZ just descovered it this year, will be posting to most model threads I would say.... got a million pics of Gemma at home and Will no Doubt make this thread one of the bigger one's in the near future. Thanks
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