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  1. I would really really like it if some people could go through each and every thread and remove all the dead links, I know of other forums that do this so it shouldn't be unreasonable to ask of it here. Especially after YouTube privated all those unlisted videos and raised the amount of linkrot on the net to unacceptable levels
  2. She's from Slovenia and modeled for Lisca during the late 00s-early 10s. I there is a severe lack of pictures of her, and there are also pictures of her that I can't find anywhere else except a very frustrating website called celebwallpapers.org that seems to have some sort of glitch that causes the entire site to be replaced with a white screen after looking at it for a few seconds.
  3. The gallery at hoskelsa.com has lots of great VS pics that cant find anywhere else that have any extremly annoying watermark that is really big and near the top of the pic so that it covers up Elsa's face. Most of these are towards the end of the 2016 gallery but it havent checked the 2017 and 2018 galleries yet. Note that the watermark only appears when you click on the pic to enlarge it. Could someone help me figure out where to find high-quality unwatermarked versions of those pics?
  4. Here she is with Robin Holzken and another unidentified model in a 2014 Oysho shoot:
  5. SOMEONE PLEASE. I could very easily get everything I'm looking for on gettyimages if it weren't for a VERY annoying glitch that site has where clicking on certain thumbnails does nothing but lead to a gallery of 10 pics of other celebs from the same event. WHY IS GETTYIMAGES DOING THIS?
  6. I KNOW that there is someone out there who has all the pics I'm looking for. And I am being EXTREMELY serious about this. Dissapearing Mandy pics has been a recurring problem on the net for years, more so than any other celeb I've ever been a fan of for some reason. For a minute it looked like that problem was finally over, but then lovely-mandy.net just had to go and shut down so suddenly
  7. SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS. I'm agitated because I can't ask this anywhere else, the sosugary forum isn't working, the sosugary contact page isn't working, and the official coppermine forum has no "new post" button
  8. I can't get my custom header to show up. And I don't have any place to store it other than in the gallery itself. Someone PLEASE tell me what to do
  9. I'm in the process of creating a Mandy Moore coppermine gallery to make up for the very annoying sudden closure of lovely-mandy.net. I need AS MANY high quality watermark-free pics of her from various 00s events as I can possibly get my hands on. I got all I could of Zimbio but that site doesn't have anywhere near enough to make up for all the stuff that was lost when lovely-mandy.net shut down. Someone PLEASE help me out
  10. 1. How come sometimes when I click on a thumbnail on Getty images, all it does is lead me to a page that has 10 images from the same event and NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM is the image I wanted? 2. How come the only tutorials on how to remove watermarks are in youtube videos? I don't want to have to watch a video to know how to do that, it should be easier for someone to just write down how to do it because it's easier for me to follow directions that way
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