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  1. That's a liiiitle bit too much booty and her leg is also a bit thin. edit: I meant it in relation to her usual pictures, as in: They photoshopped it a bit too much.
  2. And again. Thank you very much, palmtreechick.
  3. come on, comments in blogs aren't really a reliable source, are they?
  4. On a fansite ("The Daria Files" - whic hI sometimes visit) is another semi-nude picture of her. I have to ask ... did they "enhance" her look digitally afterwards?
  5. So is all this talk by her real or fake news?? I somehow lost track of which outlet reported it first and if it's really real and all that. just wondering...
  6. hajopal

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    that song is pretty cool actually Horny United - Time - Orange Bud Remix
  7. hajopal


    I think Bar, Neomie and Alessandra are alright. Neomie I think looks great in this picture. Laetitia Casta and Karolina Kurkova, with these two I really had a hard time believing it's them. All the others models I hardly know by name. First row, in the middle (red hair, blue eyes), she looks very "cute". I don't know, I just wanna go ahead and squeeze her face and beg her to say "Mister buy driver, would you please open the door??". Some other faces actually don't look very flattering in this shot. Why did they publish this picture in the first place??
  8. bunte.de : Bar Rafeali - The fear of personal questions Kind of a weird way making an "interview" video. The man starts with they want to investigate why she wouldn't answer any personal questions ... and that's exactly what he wants to find out. Then they talk very generally about her, that she's from Israel and that she's the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio. Then they catch her walking by, she just says "No questions, sorry" ... The following part is in English. Then some comments from German actors about personal questions.
  9. if anyone else has a problem visiting this link, click on this link. it leads to the exact same file.
  10. hajopal


    justjared.com: Gisele Bundchen cares for Benjamin Brady She looks great in the pictures. In fact, quite odd, because imho she looks exactly 5 years ago. It looks like she doesn't age.
  11. hajopal

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    Cirez D - Bauerpost Booooom.
  12. palmtreechick ... and again these candids ... hm... thank you vewy vewy much.
  13. So. Does anyone know anything about her whereabouts or business nowadays, like if she's in [random city] for a shooting for [random magazine]? I need my weekly dose.
  14. Who's that on the left side of Esti in the "Boots" pictues ... where they sit at a court or something like that? (from the viewer's point of view) Her eyes are amazing, I need to know her name.
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