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  1. Festat

    Hey! What do you mean by "without being reduced"? You mean reduced by the hoster or by Bellazon itself? Haha.

    Have a nice day and thanks for the add. :D

  2. Hahaha, sure! By the way, welcome to Bellazon, Pix!
  3. He looks like one of my Sims.
  4. Wow, that's seriously gorgeous.
  5. With Jules Hamilton. mensmodeltalk
  6. New Gucci video on official Gucci's fakebook page. via whatelseinga @ mh.
  7. Sense - November 2009 Dressing the man Ph: Junji Hata mensmodeltalk
  8. For Odissey. By Lucio Luna. madeinbrazil
  9. FHM Collections #16 Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray Ph: Oliver Spies mophosis via mh.
  10. Aw, I'm too lazy to look through the thread, but was he in any Emporio Armani campaign? I think I saw him in some ads this week, haha.
  11. Popeye No. 751 - November 2009 Heel Suit Liquor & Boots Ph: Junji Hata mensmodeltalk
  12. Pantless Gen. :brows: Vogue Homme Japan Kn'it' Boys Ph: Brett Lloyd models.com
  13. Long life to The Boy. :brows:
  14. Believe these haven't been posted this size. twitter.com/getbutch
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