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  1. Her Bazaar cover is just gorgeous.
  2. I so need that editorial in HQ.
  3. HQ. L'Oréal promo. Hope it hasn't been posted yet. (: hq4u.org.
  4. One more. (: From Journaux.fr via Frida @ tFS.
  5. SKY HDTV ads - 2009 Ph: André Schiliró Scanned by Leonardo @ welovemodels.com.
  6. Aw, Nés en 68 is not bad. It's not the movie-of-the-year-omg, but it's well done. Not boring at all, quite entertaining, imo. And you see Laetitia all the time. *-*/
  7. Gawd, he's gorgeous! :brows:
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