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  1. He's too gorgeous! Surprised that he didn't have a thread. Thanks for opening it!
  2. His chin is unbelievable!
  3. No, he isn't. At least apparently, of course no one can speak for him, haha.
  4. Haha, não pedi foto, mas acho que ele percebeu que eu tava olhando. Não devem reconhecê-lo muito pelas ruas, haha. Bom ver mais falantes de português por aqui.
  5. New editorial for GQ Japan! GQ Japan - August 2009 Navy Summer Ph: Alexi Lubomirski From mensmodeltalk via whatelseinga @ modelhommes.
  6. I watched a film two seats beside him at the movies, haha. I was unsure like "isn't this that guy from The Boy?" untill a gal called him Rodrigo. Then I was sure, lol.
  7. Mathias for Z Zegna. From bwgreyscale.
  8. DSquared Mens S/S 2010 Milan backstage. HQs. From frillr.
  9. In Rio it is always hot, haha.
  10. Uh... I seem to be a little lost, haha. *the retarded* The left boy where?
  11. WOW. Edit: is that new? I'm so behind the times, haha.
  12. Açaí is a fruit. It's dark, very dark purple. When you have it your mouth get purple all around, haha. This is açaí:
  13. Hahaha, Doutzen having açaí... I image the scene!
  14. She's so... photographable I can't believe it!
  15. I don't like the pics in the catalog so far. But I hope to see her at VS runway and change my mind. (: I think she can do it brilliantly.
  16. How far is the pregnancy? 6-7 months?
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