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  1. More Armani. From zdm via surrealseven @ tFS.
  2. Oh, guys, let's not have an argument because of this, shall we?
  3. COSMOPOLITAN — May 2006 The Sexiest Suits of the Season Ph: Marc Baptiste Scanned by whatelseinga @ modelhommes.
  4. Have to put my hands on it. (:
  5. More Dior HC. HQs. (: The Celebrity City.
  6. After Salvatore Ferragamo Mens S/S 2010 in Milan. (: Shot by Rado.
  7. ¿De dónde eres?!!! Sou brasileiro, haha. Meu espanhol é muito ruim, mas compreendo perfeitamente, assim como acho que vocês compreendem português também.
  8. Yes, another, Sacrament, haha: me. (: We're both south-american.
  9. Another south-american here. \o
  10. Christian Dior Haute Couture F/W 2009-2010 Paris. HQs. (: From TCC.
  11. He must be gorgeous even right after waking up. Thanks!
  12. Ahhh, a novela dos cowboys! Haha. Agora lembrei. Aquela novela foi t

  13. Uh, he's a Cancer. Happy birthday, Sean! \o/
  14. He is gorgeous. But he's looking kinda ET-ish at Dolce & Gabanna.
  15. John Galliano Mens S/S 2010 Milan. HQ. (: From TCC. Backstage. (: From models.com/ericsposito via modaknowitall @ modelhommes.
  16. *LiSboa, haha.

  17. That last picutre is outstanding.
  18. Jil Sander Mens S/S 2010 Milan backstage. HQs. From frillr.
  19. GQ Italy - June 2009 [i believe] Beau Garçon Ph: Serge Leblon Scanned by MartiX @ modelhommes.
  20. Gucci Mens S/S 2010 Milan. HQs. Z Zegna Mens S/S 2010 Milan. HQ. Pictures from The Celebrity City.
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