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  1. doutzen kroes =)


    it's nice to meet you.

  2. heeeey..

    just a quick quesion. who's that girl in your sig?

    thx, sauce

  3. i wish i had a best friend who looked like her
  4. thanks suki, that was exactly what i was lookin for.. is it true that this is a marc jacobs dress?
  5. wow she's turning into a young lady, really like to see that! i hope she'll have a successful acting career beyond harry potter!
  6. @playgirl thanks so much for this editorial!!!
  7. bar! the name already says it's nice:D
  8. hey great to hear your graduation was great! here in the UK u dont get anything like that unless u go to uni :p sorry took me ages to write back, ive been away. yeh if u wanna send over some pics thats kl, im now off to bed for some zzz! :)

  9. her prod.? then the daddy's name would be ryan lesley... i've heard rumors about their relationship before
  10. wow i tried to find pics from the louis vuitton fashion show in munich, but failed.. was anyone successful?
  11. heeey i know it's been ages.. i'm sorry! i'm fine, and how ru? this week i've been very busy with family things. what have u done last week? graduation was great, when i have time i'll send u some pics!!

  12. Hey havent chatted to u in ages, how are u? How was ur graduation? :)

  13. anyone has more from the bodypaint photoshoot?
  14. barbara = tonja thompson, hilarious! that's great
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