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  1. Hi Anthony! and for the third time...it's Marija you always forget...
  2. Thank you benzine for ALL photos of Daria you posted these days So many of them were new for me! THANKS!
  3. thanks fery and vanezinha I Gisele
  4. Wow thanks everybody so many great new pics
  5. beautiful...she's amazing thanks betty
  6. thanks sahara...I just found the rest of the ed but you were faster
  7. I just found the cover and one more pic Vogue Italia August 2007
  8. Magdalena Frackowiak & Maryna Linchuk by Steven Meisel
  9. You're welcome I think that is the best editorial she has done so far! Magda is becoming my fav too
  10. Magazine: A4 (July/August 2007) Editorial: Magdalena Photographer: Diego Fuga Scans by Charllotte Nudity http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?act...t&id=319603 Nudity must be textlinked with a warning - edited by persuazn
  11. Beautiful ed thanks Sahara I love the second pic
  12. Big thanks michelabella,all these pics are new for me...beautiful :heart:
  13. it's great pic! thanks sunny-girl!
  14. {name}


    THANKS SANJA! :kiss:
  15. Thanks suki! G is amazing!!!
  16. Thanks 1goiaba and everybody for beautiful pics! I love Magda,she's lovely!
  17. Thanks Emilia Erin is so beautiful but it's not her on the first pic,it's Daria and Carmen
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