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  1. lovely girl...she reminds me of Daria,little bit...
  2. wow,thanks anouk fantastic legs! here are some pic...I don't think that they were posted
  3. Wow...she's going to be big! really unique look! I like her lips and I'm glad that there are more Serbian models on big fashion weeks!
  4. adorable!!!! beautiful hair...I really missed Katja!
  5. hmmm,that video doesn't work for me too <_< I'm dying to see it!
  6. wow,such a powerful beauty :drool: Thanks betty & francy :heart:
  7. this girl is beautiful...I just noticed her!
  8. pics are not that good & the light is wierd but i guess i'm always excited to see some new stuff of her
  9. why? You don't think she's pretty?
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