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  1. stalking my profile at 3 in the morning i see....:ninja:

  2. ahhh sorry for the late reply hahaha

    well that weekend that you were talkin about was the start of my spring break....so i got my partying in hahaha

    wat're ur plans for this weekend?

  3. haha yea it has been a while...i've just been outta town for the past week....acutally got back from annapolis last night...how have you been?

  4. haha yea it has been around for some time now hahahaha

  5. right back at ya

  6. yay i get to be the first one to leave you a commentttt! haha so yea wats up?...i cant read ur comment on wft cuz well carsten did somethin funky to my account so that none of the other admins can fix it :(

  7. ahhh not much...just studying for some examsssss son....how about you?

  8. haha funny story kiddoooo...i'm doing great here...enjoying senior year haha...hbu?

  9. hahaha yayyyy suddenly i feel so loved again!

  10. haha i'm not a fan of this tracking portion....its keeps tabs on all the people's profiles that i visit all the timeeeee!

  11. haha damn all that hate mail for losin a tiny bit of posts....cmon peopleee

  12. haha uhuh i'm sure u got "booted"....more like omg he's talking to me sign off sign offffffff....hahaha u smeeeeelllll worseeee...love ya nicoler!

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