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  1. haha deep down inside i'm only 3....but reality is otherwise hahaha...thanks for being one of the two people that said happy bday to me on here :)

  2. haha jerkkkkk i knew there were driving factors behind it!!! hahaha....jk jk

    so wats up?

  3. i'm a child at heart and enjoying every minute of it muhahahaha u cant stop me!!! :p

  4. ahh sweet....wat're the plans for boston?

  5. well then it must be a damned shame that you are afraid of the dark....you coward you! :p

  6. haha i was only up at RU for the weekend no worries :ninja:

  7. hahaha come on down and party with me...u kno damn well ur always welcome hahaha


    i dare ya!

  8. i'm scurredddd...i always have to go through the dark at night :'(

  9. hahaha not gonna lie...that would be a pretty hot surprise ;)

  10. haha funny story kiddoooo...i'm doing great here...enjoying senior year haha...hbu?

  11. haha ummm it'll survive hahaha...should be cleared up in a couple of days...wat'd u do this weekend?

  12. wats happenin bro?

  13. haha yea...ever since i moved to the city i never get a moment to even sit on the comp....how you been?

  14. right back at ya

  15. long timeeeeee!

    how are ya?

  16. haha yes i was secretly stalking your page.....ur turn to be afraid of the dark :whistle:

  17. ooo nice thats cool....my weekend was good and nowwwww its the next weekend :o) hahaha its gonna be awesome...got any big plans?

  18. hahaha yayyyy suddenly i feel so loved again!

  19. haha i'm not a fan of this tracking portion....its keeps tabs on all the people's profiles that i visit all the timeeeee!

  20. stalking my profile at 3 in the morning i see....:ninja:

  21. haha pedophilesss??? wattt WHERE?! i'm scurred.. :'(

  22. haha yea it has been around for some time now hahahaha

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