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  1. Plug in ipod to computer Open Itunes Click on (your name) Ipod (make sure auto syn is off) Click on the Photos tab Then from there you can choose which folders of pics you want to put on your ipod, however, the folders have to be sitting in the My Pictures folder.
  2. Yessssss I finally found a way that works, its a programme called AVS video converter, you can get it off any P2P programme. Very easy to use, even has a setting just for Ipods, and it rips very quickly.
  3. I tunes is annoying :yuckky: Basically you have to right click on the file when you are in the movies section of the Itunes library, then chose convert selection for Ipod, and wait till it finishes converting. Then it will give you another file, conveniently named exactly the same as the first <_< then you can sync it to your ipod. However I am still have problems with the videos not having sound etc. I hate Itunes, it doesn't even pick up all the mp3s in a folder sometimes.
  4. That's Emma Heming yay! Thanks.
  5. A couple of sites I found, with a few pics I haven't seen before: http://r3ve.free.fr/dotclear/images/rocio_guirao_diaz/ http://www.rociozone.com/main.php
  6. Here's a short vid http://rapidshare.de/files/1669029/pampi_maxim.wmv.html same as this photo set
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    Jesus this looks awesome, I can't handle the wait.
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    Well they had more to begin with, but a local villager showed the persians a way to route the greeks position, leonidas dismissed the rest of the army apart from the 300 spartans and 700 thespians who volunteered to stay, with the 1000 phocians guarding the back route. The phocians are thought to have retreated from the persian immortals that advanced around the back route, leaving the spartans and thespians to be slaughtered. The reason the spartans get the acclaim is because they led the defence, a where known as the fiercest warriors in greece. Thats my understanding of it anyway....
  9. nekkid http://people.freenet.de/hotsite1/megan_gale/1.jpg http://people.freenet.de/hotsite1/megan_gale/9.jpg http://www.pubblinet.com/topmodel/megan/gennaio.jpg http://www.101lifestyle.com/images/celebs/...le-pics-018.jpg http://siriostargate.virtuale.org/megan/MeganGale_3.jpg http://www.pubblinet.com/topmodel/megan/febbraio.jpg http://www.pubblinet.com/topmodel/megan/2maggio.jpg http://www.pubblinet.com/topmodel/megan/giugno.jpg http://www.pubblinet.com/topmodel/megan/luglio.jpg http://www.pubblinet.com/topmodel/megan/ottobre.jpg http://www.pubblinet.com/topmodel/megan/novembre.jpg http://www.puntinipuntini.it/celebrity/m_gale/images/03.jpg I hope the links work
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