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  1. Great find! Cool pictures with Adriana! Melanie took part in Germanys Next Topmodel years ago. Didn't work out for her. But it was for the best I guess
  2. Thanks for starting the thread Sheila! She's one of my favorite girls! Thanks for the Gala scans as well!
  3. Dion Lee 2013 Woolmark collection HQ vogue.com.au via ruspat at rtvgames
  4. Thanks for posting Sheila! Finally something new!
  5. She's still listed at One-Eins. Same with Lena Gercke thought. Finally the polas from NY
  6. facebook (Cassi-van-den-Dungen-Fan-Page)
  7. She's in the December issue of Vogue Germany. http://forums.thefashionspot.com/showpost.php?p=11227463&postcount=42
  8. QUEEN IS BACK (she had a baby btw) Taken by Carlotta Moye (from Cassi's Facebook) A quote from Cassi herself
  9. Thanks for the new pics! Here is an old one Barbara posted today. It's from her first testshooting she had in Paris in 2007.
  10. With a decent agency this could have been Luisa :yuckky:
  11. another maybelline picture posted by Luisa
  12. Thank you both for scanning and posting! Lovely spread for Cosmo. Finally something worth putting in her book. The Maybelline ad is good as well!
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