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  1. Ibedatfinemami


    ohh cool gifs! Nice job!
  2. Ibedatfinemami


    WOW thanks everyone for the awesome pics! Been waiting to see these! Didn't want to wait till Nov. 30th lol Sux I live in NY and I don't get to go It was in NY this year right?
  3. I'm the first one? :D

    Happy Birthday! I love your Ale set :)

    5 stars for you ^^

  4. Wow nice pics everyone! Does anyone have a clip or short vid of Selita walking the runway with the fantasy bra on.. (i wanna make a avi with it)
  5. thanx also nice job on your wall thothmosis!
  6. Here is a wall I just made of Selita in the fantasy bra!! Hope you like it!
  7. New wall I just made hope you all like!
  8. Nice pics! Here are some pics of Vida.
  9. Ibedatfinemami

    I Am...

    call my hubby at work (talking on the phone)
  10. My hair is so long that I want to find something concerning nurturing and dyeing to make it even more outstanding and curly but will that be a good distraction if I go to the party where a little garden chair set in the most beautiful and gorgeous enviroment that breaks my tiny little cute and pink coloured Tinker bell dog called 'It's typical. The dog which had a cold but suddenly someone who had some lovely and pretty but dirty and ugly cover of the magazine called La Bomba which is (Latin) America's answer to peace with the native Egyptians, decided to make a pink pyramid in memory of a kin
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