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  1. I like her. ^_^ Anything more?
  2. Her name is latvian version of Eve ^_^
  3. Ahh. She is so beautiful in that pic ^_^ I really hope that there were no not-so-happy moments in her wedding. All the best wishes for her. ^_^
  4. Kim Noorda Doutzen Kroes Elianne Smit
  5. I really hope to see more from her ^_^ Sometimes, when I look at her pics I feel loike I have met her. Propably somewhere in streets of Riga, but still, this feeling keeps buzzing me
  6. Rianne Ten Haken x3 Emily Didonato x3 Mila de Wit x2 Erin Heatherton x1
  7. She's really gorgeous. ^_^ I fell in love with her in Goyas ghosts and My Bluebery nights. Outstanding acting. ^_^ Does anyone knows when we can hope to see her on screen again? ^_^
  8. Ofelia

    Minka Kelly

    Minka in Latvian would be kitty cat, little kitty, like sweet nickname for cat. *laughs* that's nice* She's nice, but here, in Latvia I haven't heard anything about her.
  9. He is quite nice, really. ^_^ Anything more?
  10. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

    Such a cool set you have ;)

  11. Old bunch of avies in my archives.
  12. Will post all that I have of her tomorrow. I really love her.
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