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    Between Tj & SD; the final frontier!
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    In the first place comes Chemical Engineering & Chemical-Process Equipment Design. Then comes the rest...<br /><br />Hmmm... Get to know people with similar interests... Hot Looking Models like: Will Chalker, Lars Burmeister, Clint Mauro, Andrew Stetson, Kelly Rippy, Garret Neff...<br /><br />Or, Gisselle Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Carmen Kass, & of course, readheads!!! Lindsay, Marcia, Julianne... =D<br /><br />=D

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  1. hey acid, i accidentally deleted my old prof pic and tried to upload a new one but had same prob as u did....i contacted persuazn, an admin, and she said the system has been acting weird ever since they updated it at the beginning of the year...she said be patient, it'll work one day lol

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