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  1. Just bought my copy and saw one picture in the Index
  2. OMG, first thing I saw when coming this thread were this two posts and I think: She died? :shock: Almost got a heart attack Then I saw it was about her leaving VS
  3. They're lacking the extreme close-ups on outfits and girls. I miss that from old shows
  4. It drove nuts b/c it was so distracting. I miss them too, but like in 2005... not 2009, when they repeat everything 3 times. Remember? remember? remember?
  5. For sue they did that for Ale and Adri's special section.
  6. You make me happy, I thought I was the only one watching this
  7. That editing on the lip sync video was terrible! I couldn't see any model for more than 1 second. Also, you can clearly see they didn't have that much time to do it, they only filmed it because it's tradition. And for sure Adriana's dress is different from Ale's.
  8. Actually on the other taping her walk was great she didn't point or blow kisses she just smiled and I hope they include that walk at the show, it was nice^ This gif is from the 2nd taping.lmao oh Adriana. But kn one of the tapings, she looked serious, I hope they use that one You know they won't... I mean, they didn't use this! It was so perfect!
  9. So far how much are you liking this show? :brows: I give it a 9, for bad music choice and we haven't seen all outfits
  10. I think it's amazing how Angels Ball open with all models in the back , or at least it looked that way. My favorite so far is Fairy Tale, but that song
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