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  1. {name}


    Baby Petra is really cute
  2. {name}


    Yes, not candid but beautiful anyway! Thank you!
  3. Vogue's pictures are always awsome. She is stunning!
  4. {name}


    I just love how she is always stunning wearing everydays clothes... she is just naturally beautifull
  5. i love the Video GAme award black dress !!
  6. she still has those stange things on her knee...i wonder what it can be, it's been a while now she has that....
  7. The Edible Schoolyard New York
  8. {name}


    I just love her everyday style ; she is always so beautifull, naturally
  9. That's what happens when you go out with only a bathrobe on !!
  10. She has curves... that's the thing i like about her, she def has GREAT curves;)
  11. that's what i think too... maybe she should have wear a longer dress until they are cured...
  12. she looks fantastic! but she should use another deodorant lol
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